Payout Solutions for Healthcare

Curing Payroll Headaches

Switch from paper to plastic by paying your employees using prepaid payout cards instead of checks. It’s the easier alternative.

Why use Juice for Business?

Payout Cards provide your employees with instant access to their funds. And for your business, it’s the easy way to increase the bottom line. With Juice, you save around $3 per check, per employee, per pay period.

Reduce employee turnover

A safe and worry-free solution for you and your employees.

Show off your brand

Customize cards by adding your logo and a design of choice.

Simple pricing

No hidden fees, no surprises. For your business and the cardholder.

Or simply get started today by creating your own account.

Discover a new way to do payday

Businesses and institutions use our payout solutions to reduce employee turnover and provide their workers with a modern way to be paid.

Juice branded Payout Cards
Juice branded Payout Cards are the perfect reloadable prepaid card solution, when you don’t feel like customizing your cards.
Create your own Custom Cards

Show off your own brand at no extra cost with Branded Payout Cards. Order multiple to keep an inventory and provide cards to employees upon hire.

Some helpful resources to get you started

Learn to modernize your payroll and reduce employee turnover

Better ways to do Payroll in the Home Health Care Industry

What are payout cards and how do they save me money?

Juice For Business makes paying your employees a breeze.

Modernize your payroll today and start paying your employees through reloadable prepaid cards.

* Print cost per check based on data from Costs for Wage Statements based on industry averages. The calculations for values are based on industry averages for over numerous variables and are for information and directional guidance. Actual results may vary.
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Do you know the Unexpected Connection Between Payroll and Employee Retention?

Providing your employees and contractors a easy-to-use, safe and reliable way of payment is key. If that’s all it takes to reduce employee turnover, it should be a no-brainer, right?

Juice for Business is the only payroll card platform made for you, the healthcare payroll professional, trying your best to keep great employees on board. It’s also free for most of the companies we work with.

Click this link to Sign up for a Demo. In those 20 minutes, I’ll gladly answer all the questions you have about the platform and the service. Again, they only take 20 minutes and are easy to signup for.

Let’s meet later!

John De Leeuw
Director Business Development