Tips on Payout Cards for Employees

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Why use payout cards instead of checks?

With a payout card, you provide your employees with instant access to their funds. Better yet, you also save on the expense of having to send paychecks. This can add up to up to $157* per employee every single year!
* Print cost per check based on data from Costs for Wage Statements based on industry averages. The calculations for values are based on industry averages for over numerous variables and are for information and directional guidance. Actual results may vary.

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Benefits of using Paycards over Paper Checks

Despite the numerous disadvantages it poses, the paper check still plays a big role in a B2B world. It’s a fact that 51% of business-to-business (B2B) payments in the US are made by checks, according to AFP’s 2016 Electronic Payments

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How to Set Your Employees’ Salaries (Tips)

To avoid employees from leaving your company (i.e. a high turnover), you need to pay your employees what they’re worth. In a previous article we talked about how to define the % of revenue to allocate to payroll. In this article

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Start paying your employees directly

Use our payout cards to skip the paper check and make pay day easier. Get started for free today!
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