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Need Help? (888)584-2350

Painters Provide a Perfect Finishing Touch


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If there’s one phone number everyone has programmed into his or her cell phones, it’s that of a talented and reliable painter. A good construction maintenance painter provides a clean and finishing touch to the homes, rooms and businesses in which we live and work. Good painters know that hiring other talented individuals to help them build their reputations is important. Equally important is the ability for painters to have a modernized payroll system for their 1099 workers.

Painters, who are part of the construction maintenance industry, work in tandem with carpenters, masons, tile installers and the like. These specialized 1099 workers now have a convenient way to get paid: Juice For Business. Started in 2016, this modernized debit card payroll system provides convenience as well as a seamless marketing and promotional program for busy carpenters and their companies.

Getting started on creating your Juice For Business cards is easy. Just visit our website and look for our Juice PayOut Cards*. You can design your own payout cards that express the pride you have in your business. Your account can be set up in as little as a few minutes, and each pay period, the Juice PayOut Cards* are automatically loaded. Your employees have cash instantly in their pockets and you, the employer, have the opportunity to save time and money – two things every successful business owner can use more of!

The benefits of Juice PayOut Cards* are two-fold. Today, many folks choose to forgo opening a bank account. High bank fees and minimum balance requirements have made modern-day banking cost prohibitive. Cashing paychecks often requires a fee. Juice PayOut Cards* eliminate these inconveniences and save employer and employee valuable time. The savings alone makes this payroll debit card solution for the painting and construction maintenance industry the wave of the future! The average cost to generate paychecks using traditional methods is approximately $152 per employee, per year. Imagine how that savings could benefit your painting company’s bottom line!

Employees will appreciate the fact that Juice PayOut Cards* can be used at any of the 35 million locations worldwide that accept Mastercard®. They can pay their bills with this prepaid card and make cash ATM withdrawals as well.

If convenience is at the heart of your painting and construction maintenance business, visit Juice For Business today. You can always learn more at 1+888 JUICE-50 or

Juice for Business is backed by Praxell, the company with 16 years of experience in prepaid debit card and payment technology. Praxell has the expertise to ensure that your funds — and your employees’ funds — are safe and secure.

*PayOut Cards are a general-purpose reloadable prepaid card, presented as an option for employee enrollment. * Print cost per check based on data from