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Accountants and Auditors Can Realize the Value of a Modernized Payroll System


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Accountants and Auditors know a thing or two about fiscal health. In addition to providing advice to households and businesses on ways to reduce costs, enhance revenues and improve profits, accountants and auditors are adept at finding and saving money. And though these seasoned professionals work year-round, there are certain times of the year when business is brisker than usual.

When the call for the expert advice of accountants and auditors reaches a high point, paying employees and assistants is just one more thing on top of an already full schedule. Enter Juice For Business! Now, accounting professionals and firms can create a branded payout program that streamlines the payroll process and provides a brilliant way to promote your brand.

Juice PayOut Cards* aren’t just an easy way to pay workers. They are a creative way to build employee loyalty as well. This payroll debit card solution for 1099 workers is the business paycheck solution that makes sense. With Juice For Business,

accounting and auditing businesses can now go online and customize their own debit cards for their employees and incorporate their company logo, colors, background images and the like. Started in 2016, this is one-stop-shopping for both branded prepaid payroll cards and smart business marketing.

Accounts can be set up in as little as a few minutes, and each pay period, Juice PayOut Cards* are automatically loaded. Employees are paid on the spot, which means they spend less time cashing their paychecks at the bank and more time with clients, and that means a healthier bottom line for your accounting business.

The average cost to generate paychecks using traditional methods is approximately $152 per employee, per year. These payroll costs add up for every business. Juice PayOut Cards* also help track company expenses and serve as a functional tool in paying an exceptional employee a well-deserved bonus.

How convenient are customized PayOut Cards*? Employees will appreciate the fact that Juice PayOut Cards* can be used at any of the 35 million locations worldwide that accept Mastercard®. They can pay their bills with this prepaid card and make cash ATM withdrawals as well. Unlike traditional bank accounts, these reloadable prepaid debit cards for 1099 workers carry no fees.

The smart money at the heart of your accounting and auditing business is money that is saved! Visit Juice For Business today for additional information on modernizing your payroll. You can always learn more at 1+888 JUICE-50 or

Juice for Business is backed by Praxell, the company with 16 years of experience in prepaid card and payment technology. Praxell has the expertise to ensure that your funds — and your employees’ funds — are safe and secure.

*PayOut Cards are a general-purpose reloadable prepaid card, presented as an option for employee enrollment. * Print cost per check based on data from